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Elias 2003

I love to draw skeletons and monsters.

My drawings are organized by year of creation.

2003 Drawings

Click on each thumbnail to see enlarged picture.

Big Red Truck Spitting Fire

January 2003

Alien Spaceship

January 2003

Twin Towers, Rubber-Ducky Cloud & Hot-Air Balloon

March 2003

Camel With Runny Nose

March 2003

MetLife Building, New York City

March 2003

Piglet Driving a Train

April 2003

Mommy & Elias Playing Tennis

April 2003

Pigeon's Eye

May 2003


June 2003

Hot Wheels Leading the Race

July 2003

Elias Playing Baseball

August 2003

Elias's First Letter

October 2003

Dear Mom:

Will you love me?