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Good morning everybody, this is Gloria Rose, your host on “Here’s to Your Good Health” here with you every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. on WMTR. 

Just about three weeks ago a letter arrived here at the station that for the first time made me shed a tear.  In part, “Gloria, I have never missed a Saturday morning with you – you are an unusual host, you are so caring for you audience and call your listeners “my guys” - I have trust in whatever you say – thank you so much for being my friend – Love, Ellie from Roseland - Oh my husband says ditto.

I did the above paragraph for a reason.  Ever since hurricane Katrina invaded our country like a giant monster I have not stopped shedding tears for those unfortunate people down South.  Oprah and her wealthy friends have helped a great deal – that is expected.  But I would like those in need to see we Northerners want to help as well – what if Shop-Rite or Path Mark would donate one of their large trucks and you and I could fill it up and send it down to Louisiana with our love.  What do you say, could you help me show how New Jersey cares?  Please e-mail me with your ideas and let’s do something!  E-mail: HLTHYGL@AOL.COM

Well everyone, we are now beginning the new season with a bang!  I am so proud (and a little tired!) that the guests I have for the new season are the very best.  I promise you will enjoy every Saturday morning with me.


Guests for September

September 3, 2005 - Dr. Patrick Tempera, Gastroenterologist, who is considered by his colleagues as one of the brightest and most respected specialists in the field of Gastroenterology in New Jersey.  His method of performing an endoscopic procedure is “a breeze”.

Dr. Patrick Tempera
1308 Morris Ave., Suite 102
Union, NJ
Tel. 908-851-2771

Don’t miss this show!

September 10, 2005 - Dr. Muhamed Saric, Cardiologist, Assistant Professor at
the University Hospital will discuss minimally invasive cardiac
interventions to unclog blood vessels and keep the heart pumping.

Dr. Barry Esrig, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, explains new ways to make heart surgery less traumatic.               

Dr. Muhamed Saric – 973-972-4734
Dr. Barry Esrig – 973-972-3555

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September 17, 2005 - Dr. David Bullek – one of New Jersey’s finest Orthopedic Surgeons concentrates on Adult Reconstructive Surgery of the Knee, Hip and Shoulder.  He will discuss the use of computer-aided surgery in Knee and Hip implants with minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. David Bullek
Tel. 908-232-7797

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September 24, 2005 – Dr. Kjell Youngren a Urologist whose expertise deals with Prostate, Bladder, Kidney and Testis cancer.  Since September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month he will make this a major part of his discussion.

Dr. Kjell Youngren
Tel: 973-889-0049

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Typical breakfast                                       Cal
1 - 8 oz. glass orange juice                        111
1 - Regular large bagel                              370
1 Tsp. Cream Cheese                                   99
1 Mocha Swirl Latte (14 oz.)                      322

                                                                   902 Calories


1 whole Orange                                            62

½ plain or whole-wheat bagel                 
1 fried egg                                       
½ slice low fat American cheese              175
1 Skim Milk Latte                                       102

                                                                   339 calories


3 oz. Portions – Raw

  Calories     Calories
Cod 70   Brisket 191
Flounder/Sole  78   Hamburger 292
Haddock 74   Sirloin 352
Halibut 93   Bacon 600
Salmon 143 OR Ham 245
Scallops  88   Veal 160
Sword Fish 103   Spareribs 397
Tuna 122   Flank Steak  
Shrimp     Chicken  


Sweet Orange Salmon

Serves 4                                                               Total Time 15 minutes!

1 Tbl. Brown or White Sugar
1 Tsp. Chili Powder
½ Tsp. Grated Orange Rind
½ Tsp. Ground Cumin (optional)
½ Tsp. Paprika
¼ Tsp. Salt - 1/8 Tsp. Black pepper
¼ Tsp. Coriander (optional)
4 6 oz. Salmon Filets
Cooking spray

Pre-heat Broiler – combine all spices in small bowl.  Mix well.  Rub filets with spice mixture on both sides.  Place on sprayed broiler pan and broil for 8 minutes until salmon flakes with fork – when plated, I like to drizzle ½ Tsp. Fresh orange juice on each filet that’s crispy.  Dress up with a few orange segments. 

Per serving -                  Cal. 303

                                      Fat. 133 (39%)

                   GOOD FAT – OMEGA 3!


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