Tools for Echocardiographic Calculations

Muhamed Saric, MD, PhD
New York University

Pericardial Effusion


To roughly estimate the amount of pericardial effusion based
on the diastolic thickness of a circumerential pericardial effusion.

Technical Hints

Chamber and wall thickness dimensions are obtained in a parasternal view at end diastole.


RV Diameter:  


Interventricular Septum: 


LV Diameter:


Posterior Wall:


Pericardial Effusion Thickness:




Volume of the Pericardial Sac:


Volume of the Heart:


Volume of Pericardial Effusion:  ml


Teichholz correction formula for the cube rule (Am J Cardiol 1976;37:7-11) was used for above volume calculations.

Briefly, in the early days of M mode echocardiography, the volumes of cardiac chambers were calculated by cubing the chamber diameter (cube rule). That method overestimated the true volume; Teichholz method corrects for that overestimate.

CUBE RULE >>>> V = D3

TEICHHOLZ >>>> V = [7.0/(2.4 + D)] * D3

where V = volume and D = diameter.