Tools for Echocardiographic Calculations

Muhamed Saric, MD, PhD
New York University

Pulmonic Stenosis

Reference Values

  Trivial Mild Moderate Severe

Peak gradient
(mm Hg)

<25 25-49 50-79 >80


In most instances, pulmonic stenosis is a congenital rather than an acquired lesion. Most PS cases are due to valvular rather than sub- or supravalvular stenosis. PS is associated with Noonan and Williams syndromes.

Percutaneous valvuloplasty is the treatment of choice for valvular PS; intervention should be considered when the peak gradient is >50 mm Hg in a symptomatic patient (exertional dyspnea, angina, presyncope or syncope).


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Also available at Adult Congenital Heart Library.