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Social Norms

You Know You Are Bosnian When...

       A couple of days really means a week or so

       You despise your cousin who's going out with an unproforac [a member of the UNPROFOR peacekeeping force]

       You don't speak to your cousins who support "eljo" [one of the two Sarajevo Premier Soccer League teams]

       Your father refers to all politicians with djubrad [trash], lopovi [thieves], and kriminalci [criminals]

       Your mother threatens you with Samo čekaj dok ti se babo vrati kući! [Wait till your dad comes home!]

       Your neighbor comes over every day uninvited, for coffee

       Your parents tell you that they had you AND your sister/brother when they were your age

       You're 6 and your father sends you out to buy him Drina [a brand of cigarettes] and Sarajevsko beer.